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Watermelon - Tom Watson

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  • A Tom Watson Watermelon Festival is held in Georgia each year in August at Hickory Hill in Thomson, Georgia.  The Tom Watson Watermelon seed is a 1900 heirloom variety from Georgia.

    - Plant produces excellent yields of 40 lb watermelons.

    - Has a very sweet dark red flesh that makes your mouth water and quenches your thirst at the same time.

    - Has a very tough rind that makes it a great variety for shipping and can resist bruising.

  • Day to Maturity | 85 days

  • Best Months to Plant  |  [April - June]  Watermelons are heat-loving plants that need lots of sun. They grow on a long vine, so make sure to give them plenty of space to roam around.


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Watermelon - Tom Watson


Watermelon - Tom Watson Watermelon - Tom Watson Watermelon - Tom Watson Watermelon - Tom Watson Watermelon - Tom Watson Watermelon - Tom Watson



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