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Make A Vertical Planter with Terracotta Pots

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This would be a great planter for growing lettuces or herbs in! You can even attract bees to your vegetable garden by planting bright annuals. 
This easily can be made for less than $15.
You'll need Terracotta pots, zip ties, and a stick of bamboo. 
1. Grab your bamboo and push it into the ground near a fence post. Then attach the top of your bamboo to the post, to help keep it secure. 
2. Take your empty terracotta pots and stagger them, all the way up the bamboo.
3. Fill with potting soil & plant! 
The cool thing about these planters, is that they will in essence, water each other. The water will drain from the bottom of the pot and into the next one below it. A fun, and easy project to grow something vertically!

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