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1/2" Deep 8-12" Apart 5 Days 70+ Spring & Summer Full Sun Well drained, high in organic matter Strawberries & peas Collect dry seed heads in late Summer or early Fall


How to Grow & Harvest Caraway







When to Plant

Start your caraway seeds 4-6 weeks prior to your last average frost. Maintain well-moistened soil, until your seedling has broke through the top of the soil. Transplant outdoors after the last frost, ideally on an overcast day.



How to Plant


Caraway prefers full sun or partial shade. Make sure you choose a location with light or sandy, well-drained soil. Water moderately and regularly.

When to Harvest

Harvest the leaves from your caraway plant when it is well established and 6" or taller.  Using scissors, cut the stem near the base of the plant and strip the leaves.

The seeds can be harvested late in summer or early fall.  Make sure they are fully mature and completely dry.  Collect the seed heads & then shake over a bowl, or inside of a bag.  You can run them through a screen to separate the seeds from chaff. Store your seeds in a sealed container somewhere dry, & cool out of any sunlight.