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Herbs & Veggies to Plant NOW for a Summer Garden

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As you move through the summer and early fall, some plants will reach maturity and you’ll want to take them out, potentially replacing them with other crops (see garden plans for suggestions on how to plan out these successive plantings). 

Other plants (long-season crops like parsnips or winter squash) will just stay in place, growing all season long.

Weeding is CRITICAL. You can do a little weeding each day, or you can weed thoroughly once a week, but if you wait more than a week to weed, you’re asking for trouble. 

At this stage, watering can also be important, especially if there is no rain. It is likely that in almost any year you will need to water at least a few times, particularly after planting seeds into dry soil.

Read more about Gardening Through the Different Seasons.

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