Tips for Growing More Food Indoors, All-Year-Long!


City dwellers or people who want to try gardening in containers can easily produce an abundance of food just by finding the right location within the walls of their home.  By utilizing a sunny window or an indoor gardening area such as a covered patio or even in front of a large window inside the home, fruits, vegetables and herbs can be grown. 

It is a well known fact, that gardening indoors helps to purify the air within the home and it can also improve the aesthetics of your home all while providing your family with nutritious and delicious homegrown produce. 

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An indoor garden can be as small or as large as you allow it to be. There's no "right or wrong" number of plants to get started with. Most indoor gardeners find a table or set of shelves that they can make into a home for an array of containers or pots. Start with a number of plants that you feel comfortable with, and a number that won't impose on your living area or become burdensome. 


All plants need light to not only survive, but thrive. Even plants that are grown near a windowsill, won't get all of the light they need to be healthy and produce fruit. This can be especially true during the winter months. Most plants require anywhere from 10-18 hours of light to flower or produce well. We suggest visiting your local indoor grow shop to find an indoor grow light (and proper bulb) to help support your indoor growing experience. 


Growing indoors usually provides just the right temperature for growing most fruits, vegetables and herbs. Most varieties will do well when grown in temperatures anywhere from 65-75 degrees F.


Plants do well when there is adequate humidity for them to grow in. If your plant looks brown, withered or "puckered", it may be a humidity issue. Try misting your plant regularly with a water bottle or even place a tray full of water near your plants. Have a humidifier? Those work great too when used regularly near your indoor garden. 

Growing Medium

A good grow medium will remain loose and drain well, while containing enough organic matter to hold nutrients and moisture.

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Choosing Varieties of Plants

Almost anything can be grown indoors, but you must consider the amount of space each plant will take up. We recommend starting small by experimenting with herbs, strawberries, lettuces and other leafy greens. More experienced gardeners can grow things like tomatoes, peppers (HOT & Sweet), and even root crops

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