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1/4" Deep 15" Apart 7-10 Days Between 60° F and 70° F Spring or Fall Full Sun Moderately fertile Hyssop Harvest your catnip either just before or immediately after it blooms


How to Grow & Harvest Catnip



When to Plant

Once the threat of frost has passed, place your transplants or seedlings out into your garden bed. Usually this means starting them indoors a few weeks before your last average frost.

How to Plant

Place catnip plants in a flowerbed. It looks exceptionally well next to purple coneflowers, which blooms about the same time. 

Catnip grows well in containers also, and if you have indoor cats, grow several pots outside to rotate to the indoors.  The plants need a lot of light, so they'll need to be moved outside every couple of weeks. 

Try using smooth sticks, perhaps bamboo, every several inches apart within the canopy of your catnip plants to keep your cat from flattening it.


When to Harvest

Harvest your catnip either just before or immediately after it blooms. 

It's best to harvest the plant on a dry day after any dew has dried on the leaves. Usually this is in the late morning or early afternoon. 

Remove the top portion of the plant; leaves, stems and flowers.  Spread the plant out in a dry, well ventilated area that's out of direct sunlight.