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How do You Use Epsom Salts to Fertilize Your Plants?

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One of the most inexpensive and readily available fertilizer you will come across is epsom salts.  So what exactly are they made up of? Well, epsom salts are actually a chemical salt called magnesium sulfate.  (Which means it contains both magnesium and sulfur, two VERY important elements required for healthy plant growth.) 

When used in your garden as a natural source of magnesium... roses, tomatoes and peppers will thrive!  You'll see your plants develop more "bushy", and deeper in color. Some gardeners boast their plants develop more blooms which will in turn provide larger yields of fruit especially on those tomato and pepper plants. 

Here are some ways to use epsom salts in the garden:

  • When planting, add one tablespoon of epsom salts into the hole you've created, or...
  • Try mixing one tablespoon of epsom salts into a one gallon container filled with water. Now water the roots of your plant, directly after planting. Avoid getting this mixture on the leaves.

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