Make a Tic Tac Toe Game For Your Garden

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Wondering how you could get your children to spend more time with you in the garden? Maybe you're just looking to add a bit of whimsy to your vegetable garden! This tic-tac-toe game is so much fun!  Here's how to make one.
Collect a few semi-flat rocks.  You'll need 10 total.  Pick two different colors to paint the game pieces, one color for each "player".
Outside or in a well ventilated area, spray paint all of the game pieces. 5 one color, 5 another. You'll probably want to do several coats.
When you have all of the rocks painted, and they have dried completely, you can start hand painting designs onto each of the rocks.
Grab some acrylic paint and a few small paintbrushes. This is when you'll want to get creative.
Hand paint a design onto the rocks. Each player should have a different design, or just use different colors.
When you're finished with your designs, and the paint has fully dried, use a spray sealant, or clear finish on all of the rocks.
Find an old tree stump, and with a straight edge object, like a piece of wood, draw your board.  Use the same acrylic paint that you used on your game pieces.
Now you have a fun and whimsical game to play in the garden. Leave the pieces nearby the board and perhaps play a turn, each time you're in the garden. You're kids will love it, and you will too.
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