Warranty and Disclaimer of Warranties

SeedsNow.com INC warrants that this product has been labeled as required by law and that it conforms with tolerances to the label description. SeedsNow.com INC makes no other express or implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purposes or otherwise. Any recommendations for use of this product are based on SeedsNow.com INC best judgment, but there is no warranty of results to be obtained in connection there with.

Limitation of Liability

The exclusive remedy for loss or damages due to breech of the foregoing warranty or contract or for negligence or other causes shall be limited to the purchase price of this product and shall not include any consequential damages. Claims for defects in this product must be presented to SeedsNow.com INC as soon as possible to enable SeedsNow.com INC to investigate the claim and in any event within 30 days after discovery.

Provision for Law and Notice

Acceptance of seed sold by SeedsNow.com INC. constitutes agreement that such sale was made in the State of California, U.S.A., and is subject to the State of California and no other state. Notice of any claim based on such sale shall be given to SeedsNow.com INC. within a reasonable time after discovery of the facts giving rise to such claim. Notice given after the point and time in which SeedsNow.com INC. can no longer physically inspect or examine such seed, shall be deemed to not be reasonable notice hereunder.


By accepting seed, Purchaser agrees to defend SeedsNow.com INC. to hold it

harmless and to indemnify it from and against any claim or risk asserted by any or all

transferees of such seed, or users of the produce of such seed, who are not notified by Purchaser of a LIMITATION AND DISCLAIMER OR WARRANTIES, LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY, AND PROVISIONS FOR LAW AND NOTICE, in terms substantially equivalent to those contained in the paragraphs above.


Descriptions and illustrations appearing SeedsNow.com INC. price list and on labels are for advertising purposes only. Appearance and performance may vary in other geographic locations and under different growing conditions. Please investigate whether difference may be expected in your growing area.


All sales are final. Seeds are non-refundable after 30 days.