Depth to Plant
Spacing Between Plants
Days to Germinate (Sprout)
Soil Temp

Best Season to Plant_________
Good Plant Companions
Days to Maturity

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1/8" Deep 18" Apart 14-21 Days 68° F75
Spring Full Sun Well drained Tomatoes and peppers 75


How to Grow & Harvest Horehound


When to Plant

When starting horehound from seeds, they are best sown during spring time. Seed is most viable when used within three years.

How to Plant

Choose a location that has a good southern exposure, with dry and poor soil. Once your plants are established, the only worry you should have is over population or crowding.  Pay attention to your horehound plants, and give care to prevent seeds from forming.  Clip any unused flowers, because if it matures and drops its seeds, the plant will quickly over run the entire garden area. 


When to Harvest

Try to harvest while the plant is just beginning to flower.  Flowering can happen more than once a year, sometime between June and September. During the plants first year of life, it will not produce any flowers but the leaves can be used.  Tie the leaves or flowers into bundles and hang in a dry area, out of direct sunlight. Once dried, chop them and store in an airtight container. 

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