Best Crops to Grow For the Home Canner

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Beans- Can them in water, or make pickled dilly beans. Shelled beans go great in canned soups & stews.
Tomatoes- Use them to make pasta sauce, or salsa. You can even can them whole. 

Peppers (Sweet or Hot)- Make pickled peppers, pepper relish, pepper jelly & add to your homemade salsas.
Peas- Canning them "shelled" or whole, they make a delicious treat eaten right out of the jar or in other cooked dishes.
Carrots- Can them sliced, cubed, whole or even shred them and add to jam recipes. 

Onions- Enjoy pickled onions in a wide variety of dishes or can small onions whole. Canned caramelized onions are delicious as well as onion jam.
Cucumbers- Pickles and relishes are a staple in most pantries of home gardeners. Don't get left out! 

Beets- Cook and slice them when making pickled beets.  Later on eat them right out of the jar or add to salads. 

Radishes- Radishes pickle very well, and add spice to any salad or side dish. 

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