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1/2" Deep 36-48" Apart 14-30  Days 68° F Spring & Fall Full Sun Poor and sandy Cabbage 65


How to Grow & Harvest Wormwood


When to Plant

Wormwood can be grown in the late winter & late summer months. If you are growing it in the winter, make sure all frost has passed or you can move the seeds inside and then back outside once the frost is over. 

How to Plant

Direct sow wormwood seeds into the ground and cover with rich and organic compost.  This herb needs a lot of room to grow.  Keep the seeds watered adequately and remember that wormwood needs light to germinate. This process can take 2-4 weeks.  Once they have their first set of "true leaves", you can transplant them outdoors or thin them out to ever 18-20 inches.


When to Harvest

You should be able to start harvesting wormwood once it has been growing for about 2 years.  If you harvest during the first year, the leaves won't be as strong. They need about 2 years to full mature. Once harvested, you can also use the oil of the wormwood as an insect spray or antiseptic, and its upper stalks as a potpourri or sachet.