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Ways To Conserve Water in Your Vegetable Garden

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Water is an everyday necessity that we often take for granted. Our survival depends on water, and yet we waste it every day, and often just by watering our garden. If you are interested in ways to conserve water in your garden, then think about following some proven steps that will help you conserve the amount of water you are using in your gardens at home. 

1. Deep Watering

Water deeply, making sure to soak the root zone rather than the whole yard.


2. Groundcover

Plant ground covers and shade trees to help keep your yard cool.


3. Mulch

Mulch your garden regularly to lock in soil moisture.


4. Drip Irrigation

Use watering methods such as drip irrigation or soaker hoses to reduce evaporation by directing water to plant roots.


5. Intensive Planting

Closely space plants in your raised garden bed so that there is less area to water (make sure to provide enough room for root development).


6. Rain Barrel

Connect a rain barrel to a gutter on your home to create a ready source of water for your plants.


7. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Recycle household water from drinking glasses and steaming or cooking vegetables and pasta to water plants.



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