Which Vegetables are Best to Ferment?


Which Vegetables are Best to Ferment?

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You've probably heard that fermented foods are good for you, right? That's because when you take fresh produce, in their whole form and ferment them, microorganisms take the sugars and carbohydrates and then convert them into lactic acid.  When you enjoy pickles or sauerkraut the classic "sour" taste comes from that lactic acid.   

Foods that have been fermented naturally turn into superfoods that are loaded with probiotics. These help with digestion, prevent disease, reduces blood pressure, helps keep you slim, and increases the effectiveness of your immune system. 

Vegetables that are naturally fermented vs. being brined in a vinegar solution are highest in probiotics.  Some of the most popular fermented foods you might already be familiar with are: sauerkraut, kimchi, sour or dill pickles. You might have even seen tangy fermented ketchup, hot sauce, kvass, kombucha, tempeh, kefir, yogurt or miso.

Want to start fermenting at home? Here are some of the most popular crops you can grow and then ferment into your favorite recipes:

Cucumbers:  Cucumber Seed Collection

Eggplants: Eggplant Seed Collection

Squash: Squash Seed Collection

Turnips: Turnip Seed Collection

Tomatoes: Tomato Seed Collection

Peppers: Pepper Seed Collection

Garlic: Garlic Collection

Cabbages: Cabbage Seed Collection

Onion: Onion Seed Collection

Carrots: Carrot Seed Collection

Herbs: All Herb Seeds

Melon Rinds:  Melon Seed Shop


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