Muffin tins are great for starting your seeds in because they are most likely something you already have on hand in your kitchen, or you can purchase disposable ones very inexpensively, usually for less than a dollar each. The cups inside the tin are the perfect size for starting your seeds.
Before putting your seed starting pellets or soil mixture into the cups, make sure to puncture a small hole into each one to allow proper drainage.
For a fun and festive planting, place a paper liner into each cup. These also helpΒ to keep the soil from going through the drainage holes you just created in the bottom of the tin.
Plant your seeds in your tin as you would any other container and watch your seedlings grow! When they are ready to transplant, they will easily come out of the muffin tin and you can plant the entire cups contents, paper included, into the ground!

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Do I make a hole in the paper muffin liner too?

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