Treat Your Ailments Naturally With Homegrown Herbs

Our All-in-One Medicinal Herb Variety Pack includes an assortment of our 15 most popular medicinal varieties. (All of the varieties listed above!)

Seeds are all individually packaged. 

Anise: Digestive-aid, anti-flatulence agent, fights coughs and colds.

Basil: Eases stomach cramps, colic, indigestion, and arthritis pain.

Borage: Great for the mind, fevers, hormones, kidneys & blood pressure.

Caraway: Remedy for digestive issues, bloating, bronchitis and coughs.

Sage: Can be used as a digestive and nerve tonic.

Chamomile: Common ability to help with sleep issues and disorders.

Cilantro: Relieves anxiety symptoms and insomnia. Can help diabetes.

Dill: Improves bad breath, colic, menstrual pains, coughs and colds.

Fennel: Helps with indigestion, and kidney stones.

Hyssop: Expectorant, stomach tonic. Treats respiratory problems.

Lemon Mint: When added to skin care, the oil helps to sooth the skin.

Rue: Strengthens eyes, helps with nervous headaches & palpitations.

Summer Savory: Use the leaves to make a tea to cure your sore throat.

Wormwood: Helps your body absorb more nutrients & improves digestion.

Yarrow: Treats wounds, colds, fevers, and menstrual pains.

The Herbal Medicine Seed Variety Pack makes a great addition to your food storage/survival-prep. It is designed to give you everything you need to start living off the land and growing your own herbal remedies. 

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IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ:  These seeds can be extremely potent. does not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of such seeds and/or plants. Always seek advice from a professional before growing and/or consuming seeds and/or plants for medicinal purposes.

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