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1/4" Deep 9-12" Apart 21 Days 70° F Spring Partial shade, full sun Rich and moist Asparagus, carrot, chives, onions, roses and tomatoes 75


How to Grow & Harvest Parsley


When to Plant

Parsley is usually grown as an annual but it is actually a biennial.  This is especially true in cooler climates.  Plants can be started either indoors or out.  They tend to transplant easily and starting them indoors allows you to space them more easily when moving them outside. 

How to Plant

Parsley seeds like to be sown thinly. They are very small so just sow the seeds on top of your soil and water them in.  Germination of these seeds usually takes around two weeks.  Parsley will grow slowly, but steadily.  Choose a partly sunny location with rich soil. This is a very easy to grow herb that will tolerate poor drainage, & poor soil.  Have a spot in your garden that you've been having a hard time getting anything to grow in? Plant parsley there. Chances are, it will thrive wherever you put it. 


When to Harvest

Harvest your parsley once the leaves begin to curl.  Pick the leaves earlier in the day when the oils are the strongest.  You can store the sprigs of parsley in a jar with a little bit of water in the bottom, inside the refrigerator for later use.