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On top of soil Broadcasted by hand Varies by seed mix Varies by seed mix Early Spring, Summer or Fall Full Sun / Part Shade, depending on mix Varies by seed mix Varies by seed mix Harvest blooms regularly to encourage new growth. 


How to Grow & Harvest Wildflowers



When to Plant

Sow wildflower seeds once the threat of all frost has passed in early spring. Continuous planting through summer and early fall will ensure a longer display of color through your garden as the year progresses. 

How to Plant

Wildflowers very prolific and don't require a lot of special attention. Some even say they are growing tremendously well, when just scattered on top of the soil and watered down well. No need to really use sand when spreading these in containers...the important thing would be to just compress them into the soil, making sure not to bury them. A light spread over your container's surface would suffice. We would recommend containers no less than 12 inches deep. 

When to Harvest

Deadhead your plants regularly to encourage new blooms, all season long. Many of these flowers will self-seed resulting in more flowers for years to come!