33 Drought Tolerant Crops For Dry or Hot Climates

Gardening in hot or dry areas that are prone to drought can be challenging, but you can still have a garden as long as you do a little planning to ensure it will have what it needs to produce healthy plants, even without a lot of extra water. Read more about Watering.Β 

When gardening in areas of prolonged heat and dry spells, also take note that these areas usually experience winds that can be especially dehydrating. Protect your plants from wind and the scorching sun by building vertical wind breaks. Use high walls made of trellis, bamboo, or mesh.Β 

Try incorporating areas of natural and artificial shade into your growing area. Plant shade loving crops in-between larger plants, trees or shrubs. Shade nets can offer relief to newly planted seedlings or plants.Β 

When water is scarce, space your plants as close together as possible. You'll find that you are able to save on water, plus the plants act as a natural shade and wind barrier for one another. Plus, you'll see less weeds when your plants are spaced closer together. LeanΒ more about Managing Weeds In Your Garden.

Aim for watering systems like drip irrigation and practice rain water collection techniques. Reduce water loss via evaporation by applying a thick layer of mulch throughout your garden area.Β Discover different Materials You Can Use For Mulch.Β 

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