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Squash - Crookneck, Cushaw Green Striped

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Squash - Crookneck, Cushaw Green Striped

Green Striped Cushaw Squash Seeds
(100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • The Cushaw plant produces some of the most beautiful 20" long squash.

    - Curved/crook-neck variety.

    - Grows as a vine (not as a bush)

    - Yellow colored flesh

    - Very sweet and full of flavor - perfect for pies and canning

    - Ideal for any sized garden
    and easy to grow

  • Day to Maturity | 100 days

  • Best Months to Plant  |  [March - June]  Winter squash love the sun and can't get enough of it. They need about 3 months of warm temperature and one additional month of cooler temps to fully mature.

Additional Details

Though considered a vegetable in cooking, botanically speaking, squash is a fruit (being the receptacle for the plant's seeds). Squash can be served fresh (in salads) and cooked (squash stuffed with meat, fried squash, baked squash).

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