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Lettuce - White Boston (Butterhead)

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Lettuce - White Boston (Butterhead)


Lettuce, White Boston (Butterhead) (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • Lactuca sativa.  Compact butterhead-type lettuce.

    - Plant produces good yields of a light green butter-head type lettuce.

    - This is a very popular variety because it grows higher off the ground, so the bottom leaves don't rot.

    - Great for growing in raised beds and containers.

    - Can tolerate the cold.

    - Easy to grow.

  • Day to Maturity | 55 days

  • Lettuce Seeds | Lettuce can be grown practically anywhere.  For leaf types seed should be sown thinly in rows 1 foot apart. For head, Bibb, and cos types, space rows 18 inches apart.

    Click here for complete Lettuce grow guide


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Lettuce - White Boston (Butterhead)


Lettuce - White Boston (Butterhead) Lettuce - White Boston (Butterhead) Lettuce - White Boston (Butterhead) Lettuce - White Boston (Butterhead) Lettuce - White Boston (Butterhead)


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