Cabbage - Acre, Golden

$199 USD


  • This Golden Acre variety is recommended by USU.

    - A slow bolting, vigorous, early cabbage with 5 to 6 inch round head.

    - Mild flavor

    - Easy to grow

  • Days to Maturity | 65 days

  • Cabbage Seeds | Cabbage is an annual cool-season crop, hardy to frost and light freezes. Plant in rows 2 1/2 feet apart, with 12-16 inches between plants.

    Click here for complete Cabbage grow guide

Additional Details

Did you know? Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin C! It also contains significant amounts of glutamine, an amino acid that has anti-inflammatory properties. Cabbage can also be included in dieting programs, as it is a low calorie food.

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