Easy, Healthy & Delicious Kale Chips

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If you don't have a dehydrator, you should really pick one up.  They come in all sizes and prices, but start small. The basic ones will suit a small family just fine!
Kale is known as a "Super-food" for many good reasons! It has 45 different flavonoids that combined provide excellent antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits.  Kale is naturally low in calories, supports the cardiovascular system and has natural detoxification benefits as well. 
This super food has risk lowering benefits for cancer and kale in the steamed form can provide you with better cholesterol.
We love to eat kale is by simply washing the leaves and removing them from the stem. Toss the leaves in a bowl with extra virgin olive oil, pepper and your favorite artisan sea salt.   Place kale leaves onto your dehydrator trays and walk away! Come back when they are dried all the way through, and crispy! Just like potato chips, but wow...so much better tasting, not to mention better for you!

Pure NON-Genetically Modified (NON-GMO) seeds   100% NON-Hybrid  
100% Heirloom/Open-Pollinated   100% Raw & Un-treated  

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