Get Inspired! "Indoor Grow Stations" [Customer Image Photo Gallery]

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Bonnie Jean Clancy: "Under a big LED light, growing herbs, microgreens and some vegetable starts."

Amy Kristine:
 "My kitchen garden."

Melanie Gamble:
 "Here is my grow closet set up."

Tim Novak:
 "My indoor set up is pretty awesome!"

Angie LaBreena Miller: "Transplant day for tomatoes and peppers."

Tanesha Johnson
: "We just have lettuce starting now. There will be lots more in the next couple of weeks!"

Jill Knapp: "It's working, 20 dollar LED's from home depot. Heat mats under the trays."

Michelle Roland
: "Heirloom tomatoes started 1/28/17. Now ready for transplant into individual 4"pots."

Shauna Waisanen
"I sacrificed a shelf in the kitchen for my nursery."

Deanna L Church
: "I built a simple grow light using mostly 2x4's and attached the light fixture chains to cup hooks so I can raise and lower as needed. Putting the pots in garage sale trays allows me to water from the bottom."

Antonia Rosado: "This is my green house in my grandsons bedroom!"

Amy R Shaw
: "Just getting started! Floating trays in an old pond in the basement."

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