1. Soak the Expanding Seed Starting soil in luke-warm water (room temperature). Let it soak for about 7-10 minutes until the soil has fully expanded.

  2. Place 4 - 5 seeds (of the same variety) gently into the soil. Gently cover with appx. 1/4" of the soil.

  3. Place the expanded soil packs in a warm area inside your home (preferably next to a window sill). Make sure to keep the soil moist at all times - not soaking wet. It’s important to check the soil’s moisture daily. The key here is to keep the soil moist (NOT soaking wet) to allow the seeds to germinate (a.k.a sprout) successfully.

  4. Once you start seeing the roots of the plant extending from the soil, then it’s time to plant it in a larger container or directly into your garden.

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Here are some more important pages you should reading before starting seeds:



When transplanting, should you cut away the mesh material that holds it together? What is this material? Will it breakdown in the ground and be beneficial to leave?

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