Growing your own food when you're expecting may seem like a challenge, and even after the baby comes you might be wondering if you'll have time to tend to a garden.

Over at "Naturally Loriel", Loriel herself has shared her favorite list of "6 Easy Veggies For the Preggo Gardener."  If planned correctly and done right, caring for a home garden can easily be done while you're pregnant and even after baby arrives.  

Loriel writes: "The smart thing for me (and any other pregnant mama in this same situation) to do is to not plant any varieties that take up a lot of maintenance, require extra pest control, sprout quickly, and can be taken care of by your significant other for a few weeks after baby comes."

1. Lettuce

Lettuce is incredibly easy to grow and the best part is you don’t need a lot of space to do it. If you’re overly pregnant but still want to enjoy fresh homegrown veggies, lettuce is a great place to start.

2. Chard

The seeds are larger which makes planting much easier. It can be hard to be patient and try and get little tiny seeds just right when you’ve got a bulging belly in front of you. With chard, you don’t have to worry about that which is always a plus.

3. Beans

I’ve had a lot of garden failures but one vegetable that has consistently done well for me are beans. I just never planted enough so I was never able to really soak in the success. The seeds are large which makes it easy to plant, they sprout quick, and really all they need is something to climb up and they’re happy. Plus, they grow up which means you don’t have to bend down as much with that big belly in front of you. Amen. 

4. Peas

So, I personally haven’t had much luck yet with peas but I think it’s because I have always planted them at the wrong time. Generally speaking, peas fall in the same “ease of use” as green beans and they are a nice, crisp addition to the backyard bounty. Again, they need to trellis which makes this a bonus feature for an expecting mom who doesn’t want to have to bend over.

5. Radish

These little bad boys are easy to plant, you don’t need a lot of space, grow great in containers, and sprout rather quickly. The perfect solution for any preggo mama. When I harvest a batch, I’m going to try this fermented radish recipe — it looks delicious.

6. Herbs

If all else fails, plant herbs. Herbs are easy to grow, easy to maintain, and don’t require much space at all. I’ve had much success with basil, cilantro, and chives. You can even grow them indoors if your pregnant butt doesn’t want to get out in the elements and tend to a garden.

To read the entire article, visit: "Naturally Loriel"

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