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Dawn Redwood Tree-to-Be

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Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)

Known only as a fossil until 1946 when a Chinese forester discovered the first living specimen in the middle of a rice paddy in Tsang Wang. It was named the ‘discovery tree’ and symbolizes the surprises still to be found in nature.

Metasequoia, a true living fossil.

Zones 4-8.

Includes: tree seed, coir seedling pot, soil-less growing medium, terra cotta saucer, aluminum tag, hydrocarbon free jute bag, directions. Bag 9.5" high x 8.5" wide.

Pure NON-Genetically Modified seeds  
100% NON-Hybridized seeds  
100% Heirloom/Open-Pollinated seeds  
100% Raw & Un-treated seeds  
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Dawn Redwood Tree-to-Be




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