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Potato - Yellow Finn (Organic/Heirloom)

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Potato - Yellow Finn (Organic/Heirloom)

About this variety:

  • This potato has an unusual pear shape (large flattened oval), deep yellow-tan skin and waxy yellow flesh.

  • The taste is natural butter-like, and is good boiled, baked, fried or included in soups.

  • This excellent keeper needs the lush, long season of the maritime Northwest to really perform.

  • With even moisture, it will continue to yield until frost kills.

  • This potato is the #1 yellow, our best-selling late season variety.

NOTE:  We do not use chemicals to prevent our potatoes from sprouting. So the seed potatoes you order may have already begun to sprout when they arrive. This is okay-in fact some consider it desirable.

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