Fennel - Florence

$299 USD

  • Produces very flavorful large bulbs and edible flower buds

    - Excellent for seasonings and for cooking as a vegetable

    - Plant Height: 30" tall

    - Fennel is a very aromatic plant with a sweet licorice flavor, similar to an anise seed. It has many medicinal uses and herbalists have been using it for centuries to relieve problems with the respiratory system, stomach muscles and intestines. Nursing mothers can expect increased milk production and fennel also has been used to soothe colicky infants.

    - Fennel has a long history of herbal use and is a commonly used household remedy, being useful in the treatment of a variety of complaints, especially those of the digestive system.

    - Easy to grow

    - There are so many health benefits associated with this plant

  • Days to Maturity | 80 days

  • Fennel Seeds |  Fennel is known as a perennial that ought to be planted sometime after the last frost of the winter. Try sowing seeds directly into your gardens, because transplanting fennel usually doesn't work very well.  

    Click here for complete Fennel grow guide


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