Cabbage - Brunswick

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Cabbage, Brunswick

  • Brassica oleracea.
  • A heirloom variety dating back to 1924.
  • Plant produces a large drumhead type cabbage.
  • Used for making kraut.
  • Suitable for spring, summer, and fall crops.
  • Stores well. Suitable for home gardens and market growers.

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Additional Details

Did you know? ❄️ Cabbage is an annual cool-season crop, hardy to frost and light freezes. A smaller cabbage head has better flavor and can stay in the field longer without splitting. To keep them small, plant close together or, when the head is almost full, give the plant a sharp twist to break up the roots. 😀 Cabbage is a wide spreading foliage plant with handsome leaves that form a tight, hard ball head on a strong central stem. Young plants may bolt if grown at 50F for a long time; however mature plants of late varieties improve flavor in cold weather.

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