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Alphabetically: Z-A - Books

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Alphabetically: Z-A - Books

  • ALL GROW GUIDES  (175-pages) ALL GROW GUIDES (175-pages) $4.99

    ALL GROW GUIDES (175-pages)

    Learn all the secret tips and tricks to growing all of your favorite organic food.This book with show you just how easy it is with 175 pages of easy-to-understand information that will walk you through the process -- step-by-step!   We'll show you just how easy and rewarding it can be to have your own organic garden.Learn how to grow medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, fruits, flowers, sprouts, micro-greens, garlic, potatoes, and so many more! In addition to learning how to grow each varieties you will also learn 14 steps to start growing organic food, Planting & Spacing Cheat Sheet, What does "organic" mean? Why garden organically? Why grow Organic food? Hybrid vs. Heirloom 6 factors to considering what to grow 7 steps to determine when to grow Where should you plant a garden? Gardening through the different seasons Prepping a new garden plot Sample Garden Plans First few days in the garden Managing Weeds in Your Garden Intro to Soil Soil Amendments Starting seeds indoors Thinning Your Seedlings Transplanting Watering Weeding Intro to Composting How to build a compost pile Intro to Fertilizers Buying and applying fertilizers Intro to Mulch Materials to use for Mulch Season extension techniques Floating row covers Dealing with Pests & Insects Common Gardening Problems & How to Cure Them! Pages: 175Format:  Digital PDFFile Size:  45MB  

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