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Bean (Runner/Pole) - White Emargo

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(Pole/Runner) White Emargo

  • The White Emargo bean is an easy variety to grow.

  • Regular picking ensures a long harvesting period. Excess produce freezes well.

  • Latin Name : Phaseolus coccineus 'White Emergo'.

  • Pick regularly when beans are young and tender.

Pure NON-Genetically Modified seeds  
100% NON-Hybridized seeds  
100% Heirloom/Open-Pollinated seeds  
100% Raw & Un-treated seeds  
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Bean (Runner/Pole) - White Emargo has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 5 reviews.
Bean (Runner/Pole) - White Emargo


Bean (Runner/Pole) - White Emargo Bean (Runner/Pole) - White Emargo Bean (Runner/Pole) - White Emargo Bean (Runner/Pole) - White Emargo



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