"I recently ordered the Mega Seed Bank and the Herbal Seed Kit. Customer service was very helpful and pleasant to talk to. My order arrived quickly, just as I was told. I went through my order thoroughly when it arrived. I received exactly what was advertised. I am very pleased. Job well done! I have already referred your product to family and friends. I am very loyal to people/companies that are honest and treat me fairly. You have my future business. Thanks again!"
-Richard & Amanda C. (Mt. Juliet, TN) | Friday Feb 17 2012

"Hello, i wanted to thank you very much for getting my herb package to me in such record timing. I can't wait to apply them to my garden. Your instructions are super easy too thanks.I have ordered from other sites before but seeds now is legit! Thanks for your help on giving my garden more love."
-Trystan D. (Lauderdale by the Sea, FL) | Friday Feb 17 2012

"Hello,Would like to praise your company for the exceptional products, quick service,  super safe shipping, and the actual packaging of your seeds - every package beautifully labeled - pictures too!  Wonderful, wonderful job! Thank You - I will return for more."
-Victoria C. (Prineville, OR) | Thursday Feb 16 2012

"Just wanted to let you know how VERY pleased I have been with doing business with your company. Ordering was so simple right down to being able to pay through PayPal.  Packaging and shipping were very fast and when one of the seeds I ordered was out of stock someone was right on the phone checking to make sure it was okay to make a substitution.  I received my box today and am VERY pleased with the packaging of both the order & the way the seeds are packaged!!  Will definitely being doing business again in the future."
-Karen P. (Kennebunk, MI) | Thursday Feb 16 2012

"Hello, I just received your mega seed bank a couple of weeks ago.  I love the vaccuum container and the simplicity of the way the seeds are packed.  I was a little bummed that I counted one pack of artichoke seeds claiming it contains I believe 50 or 60 seed,  but I only got 36.  I wondered how accurate the others are.  Otherwise, everything seems okay.  I like the disk with all the books on it.  Thanks!"
-Ayhan M. (Baton Rouge, LA) | Thursday Feb 11 2012

"We got our seeds today.  Took only 4 days to get here.  Great variety in the urban grow kit.  We're going to start them in a tray and transfer the plantings to our new raised bed (also built today).  Best thing is that we are going to save seeds after this year's harvest and keep it going.  Good prices, prompt service.  If all grows well (pun intended) we'll shop with you again in the future."
-Jeff N. (Stafford, VA) | Friday Feb 10 2012

"Ordered my seed banks on Monday and received them Thursday!!! Awesome product and Awesome price!! My sister-in-law is so impressed by them that she is ordering two as well."
-Tami B. (Baton Rouge, LA) | Thursday Feb 10 2012

"Thank you for the GREAT WEBSITE and FAST shipping. It makes it so much easier for a newbie gardener like me and I can't believe how quickly my seeds got here. Thanks!  Love you guys!"
-Michelle C. (Jacksonville, FL) |  Monday Feb 07 2012

"I ordered the Mega Seed Bank on a Friday and on Moday they arrived on our doorstep.  We are so pleased with the quality and selection of seeds.Nicely packaged and labeled.  Everything we received is beyond expectations.It is so nice to deal with a company who is on the ball.  I will purchase again.  I'm sold on SeedsNow.com .................. Thank you very much!"
-Miriam M. (Pahoa, HI) | Monday Feb 07 2012

"Hi, We received two Mega Seed Banks in the mail, one for my family and the other for a friend's. It brings such peace of mind to know if or when something unexpected happens, we now have enough seeds to start over, eat healthy and create a continuing cycle of cultivation for our loved ones. I call our new survival seed banks "our little Swedens" after the mega seed bank created in that country."
-Cynthia G. (Chicago, IL) | Saturday Feb 04 2012

"I received my order today, extremely quick shipping I might add.   The seeds are very well package and will provide us piece of mind, in the uncertain future.  I've told a few friends about your site and they plan to order one of the Mega Seed kits as soon as possible.  Thanks again, and I'll be back."
-Michael E. (Russell, KS) | Wednesday Feb 01 2012

"I ordered my survival seeds on Jan. 19th and they arrived on Jan. 28.   There were three e-mails from SeedsNow that told me exactly what stage my order was in and when I could expect delivery with a tracking number if I needed it.  They kept me updated so I had no need to use the tracking number. (Can't say that with all my orders.)  The seeds in their container look fine but I didn't check them all.  It is packed up so nicely I didn't want to mess it up.  The CD that they included has more information than I'll ever be able to read about gardening, but the reference is there should I need it.   I like the part that gives guidelines for saving seeds for future use.   When I need to use these seeds I trust they will work well.   I was surprised they suggested to keep the seeds in the freezer for long term storage.   But that's what I'll do. I want them to be as good new when I plant them.   All-in-all I an very happy with their service and hopefully with their seed when it comes time to use them"
-Kathy A. (Sacramento, CA) | Friday Jan 28 2012

"I am very impressed with your operation from the design of the website to the quick shipping.  I purchased the Mega Seed Bank an Herbal Tea Garden and the Ginkgo to be Tree all attractively packaged and of a high quality. The cd included with the Mega Seed Bank just puts it over the top!  Thank you for going above and beyond.  P.S. When I leave feedback for a business I try to add a little constructive criticism that may help improve a buyers experience but I honestly couldn't find one thing that needed improvement. I wish you much success."
-Misty L. (Mamou, LA | Wednesday Jan 26 2012

"This is great! The shipping was faster than expected.  Packaging was great and everything labeled. The e-book is very helpful. I am going back online to order another item for my niece. You have a repeat customer here!"
-Trina L. (Akron, OH) | Friday Jan 20 2012

"Hello, my experience with your company has been most enjoyable.  I ordered a mega all in one seed bank and am very happy with my purchase.  A feeling of confidence overwhelmed me when I received my package in the mail which was in a very reasonable amount of time might I add.  I must say everything was quick, simple, and easy which these days can be a feat for some companies.  Once again I would like to thank you for you professionalism and ease of transaction..."
-John T. (Teaneck, NJ) | Thursday Jan 12 2012

"I was excited to get my Medicinal & Herbal Kit in the mail today. Have looked a lot of places at herbs. Yours is an awesome price and I can't wait for the season to start planting. This kit will be a big help in our garden after we move in the next couple of months. We plan on sustainable living at our new home."
-Megan S. (Erin, NY) | Friday Jan 06 2012

"I appreciate the no nonsense business model of Seeds Now, the packaging of my item, and the fast shipping. I will definitely purchase more seeds when I have need of them, I have directed my friends on Facebook to your online store and given my recommendation to them. Thank you."
-Jody W. (Catoosa, OK) | Friday Dec 31 2011

"I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. It was packed and shipped WAY faster than I had expected and arrived with everything that as it promised. Can't wait to get planting! Thank You!"
-Samantha C. (Columbia, SC) | Wednesday Dec 28 2011

"I just received my mega seed bank in perfect condition. I really like the air tight canister it comes in and I’m looking forward to planting them this spring. I had no issues with buying this product online and would reccommend this to anyone. It is also quite a bit cheaper than buying each packet of seeds individually as well."
-Roger H. (Sumas, WA) | Wednesday Dec 28 2011

"Good morning,  I just received my Mega Seed Bank and we're excited to try some of the seeds out this spring.  The shipping was VERY fast...Thank You!  I also like the actual Seed Bank Container with the vacuum seal button. Thank you for including some moisture collecting packs, saves me from having to add any of my own.  I'll send an update after we have planted some of these seeds to report on the quality.  Thanks again!"
-Ram R. (La Vista, Nebraska) | Wednesday Dec 28 2011

"We received the seeds in a timely fashion shortly after ordering.  The seeds came in a really neat sealed container.  I unloaded the seeds and could not believe what we received for $100.00.  The best part was all of the extras info that comes on a disk.  The information is about how to save seeds from crops and how to effectively garden.  I would recommend anyone who is looking for heirloom organic seeds for using now or saving in a vault for the uncertain future to purchase through SEEDSNOW.  Jeff in Newtonville ON."
-Jeff S. (Newtonville, ON) | Saturday Dec 24 2011

"I just got my Mega Bank, Tomato pack and Medicinal Herbs pack in the mail. I can't tell you how excited I am. The seeds are all nicely labeled and the herb pack seems amazing. I am going to plant and read for the rest of the weekend. I really like the variety of seeds you offer and your price was very reasonable and less than competiors. I will be back to get some other products soon."
-Christina H. (Laguna Niguel, CA) | Thursday Dec 15 2011

"We had saved up to make a purchase of great value and got an awesome deal for Black Friday. Couldn't have asked for a better deal. My house hold is excited for the planting and harvest season to reap the benefits of real healthy fresh food. The container is real cool and we have faith the seeds will stay fresh in the vacuum air tight container.  The only disappointment I had was we ordered two kits. The mega kit and the medicinal herb kit. We did not receive the ebook for the medicinal herb kit and was not on the disc we did receive. Order number was 1989. I am glad to say that we started form a good company. Thank You for years to come. The Alicea's"
-Becky A. (Suffolk, VA) | Thursday Dec 08 2011

"We are pleased with our recent purchase. We plan to plant the seeds for our spring/summer garden. We are especially eager to try the seed starting pellets."
-Anita B. (Aloha, OR) | Wednesday Nov 30 2011

"Received my seed shipment today, thank you for prompt shipping.  Received them within 3 days of shipping and 5 days of ordering, thanks again.  The freezer storage container will be very usfull in years to come when i start gathering my own seeds. And the E-Books on gardening was full of usfull tips and gereral information.  I espesully needed the book on seed gathering and proccessing for future use.  There was a lot of information i did not know, and saving seed would have been a failure without the book."
-Lynn H. (lima, OH | Friday Dec 02 2011

"Received my seeds today.That was very fast delivery on the order thank you. Looks like a large amount of seed and am looking forward to spring for planting time to try out your products. Thank you so much!"
-Bill B. (Kellogg, ID) | Wednesday Nov 30 2011

"I wanted to thank you for fast service and the quantity for the price was very good. It is also good to know that those seeds are non GMO. I will definitely order again."
-Andrey V. (Vancouver, WA) | Tuesday Nov 29 2011

"I intend to start a small indoor herb garden in my kitchen so that I’ll have fresh herbs to cook with during the winter.  I spent quite a bit of time looking around on the internet and Seeds Now had the best prices I could find.  And Wow!  The seeds arrived very quickly after I placed the order!  I can’t wait to get them planted and see them growing.  I will definitely order from this company again! Thank you!"
-Therese C. (Jemez Springs, NM) | Monday Nov 28 2011

"Wow! I would like to say thanks not only for a great product, but what excellent customer service! We ordered the Mega Seed Bank, yep we are planning for the β€˜just in case’ scenario…well we received our vacuum sealed seed bank which is beautifully done, along with the CD with the e-books & some grow starter. Not only did we get it in record time, but I saw that it went on sale within days of our purchase & so we sent a quick email to your service department who then said they would credit our card! This is really terrific customer service! We will send a full seed report in the summer (since it is winter in Wisconsin at the moment) and let you know how our first time garden grows! Great service, excellent looking product! From some happy customers in Wisconsin, Kim & Jon Gilbertson."
-Kimberlie G. (Houlton, WI) | Sunday Nov 27 2011

"Dear Seeds Now, WOW...I ordered my Survival Seed Vault on 11/22/11 and on 11/25/11, my package was delivered!!!
That's awesome...especially since Thankgiving was yesterday! The seed packets were nicely packed with discriptive and colorful labels! Thanks for that...so I know what I am planting! :-) The end of days is near...So I am excited I will be able to provide food for our family...and neighbors! Thank you from our family to the families who make 'Seeds Now, Inc' possible. Love, Barb"
-Barbie L. (Saratoga Springs, UT) | Friday Nov 25 2011

"Just wanted to say that I received my seeds in less than a week. I can't wait to see the outcome of my garden in the spring. Great service! Thank you SeedNow!"
-Tyler W. (Winchester, VA) | Thursday Nov 17 2011

"I want to thank you for the rapid service. I was holding my seeds 24 hours after I ordered them.  The most important thing is the generous seed count in each package. Last year I was cheated by a company that sent seeds that were nutered. ie. one squach per plant, two tomatos per plant. Their tomato seed packs had 22 seeds, yours have 1,100!!"
-Bryce W. (Leona Valley, CA) | Tuesday Nov 15 2011

"My 9 year old daughter opened the package and was delighted.  She said, "I love these guys, they're so beautiful!!"
-Rose G. (Bradenton, FL) | Monday Nov 14 2011

"First, let me tell you how delighted I am with your service.  In less than a week, I had ordered my seeds, made an amendment to the order, paid my invoice, and received my shipment.  And I received exactly what I wanted.  Second, I am impressed with seed packets and their labels.  The seeds are visible, the seed count is listed, and the germination period identified.  All in packets that are small enough to handle.  I am especially impressed with the seed storage container with Vacuum Seal.  Third, I truly enjoy the ebooks.  Full of information and rich in material.  I don't believe I would be successful in planting and maintaining the vegetables without the ebook.  I know a lot about flower gardening but nothing about vegetable gardening.  The ebooks are extremely helpful. Having said all of that, my conclusion is that I am extremely pleased with my order.  Thanks for a job well done!"
-Eugene H. (Henrico, VA) | Sunday Nov 13 2011

"Thank you for your great selection, value-added pricing, and quick service.  When everyone else was out-of-stock on my needs, I found you and will be using you for many years to come for all my seed needs!"
-James W. (Pinnacle, NC) | Friday Nov 11 2011

"Hi, While I haven't planted any of the seeds I purchased yet (that will be this weekends project before the full force of fall hits here), I really like the idea behind your company. I especially like the minimal packaging with the seeds - less trash for the landfill. And the canister is very nice.   Buying was easy, delivery was quick and I am looking forward to the bounty next year. I have a large backyard garden and I also sell at the local farmer's market. I will definitely be purchasing from you again. Thanks!"
-Lynda E. (Warren, OR) | Thursday Nov 09 2011

"Got my seeds today just looking at them brought back a flood of memories from when I planted back in Alabama we only few rows of corn and okra. And the books are world of information now i know what we did wrong back then. I am going to freeze this one and order another the start learning all over with better info and more seeds to plant."
-Wayne J. (Temple, GA) | Monday Nov 07 2011

"Hi there! Just letting you know it took only 7 days for me to receive my order up here in Canada.  I can't wait to see my results! Many thanks."
-Aurele B. (Quebec, Canada) | Monday Nov 07 2011

"Hello SeedsNow! Received my package and am so happy with the products I purchased.  I received the basic kit, medicinal herbs, and herbal teas.  I am so excited to start planting and be self-sufficient in seed production.  Thanks for putting this all together.  Will definitely recommend you to other."
-Shaun R. (Sumas, WA) | Saturday Oct 29 2011

"Very happy with my seed package. Well packed. Instructions are great. Already recommended seedsnow to friends. Great product and quick shipping. A satisfied customer."
-Anthony M. (Palmer, AK) | Sunday Oct 23 2011

"Thank you SeedsNow for our seeds! Today we recieved everything we ordered at a GREAT price and FAST shipping! This was our first purchase of non-hybrid seeds and we are more than happy with what your website offers! We will definately purchase through you again! Thank you!"
-Jeffrey R. (Star City, AR) | Thursday Oct 13 2011

"I received my order and the seeds look great!"
-Robert A. (Atlanta, GA) | Tuesday Oct 11 2011

"I'm writing this email to express my sincere satisfaction with SeedsNow.com.  The process to order was simple, delivery was speedy, and the product was perfect! I will be using SeedsNow.com again in the near future."
-Samuel S. (Gilroy, CA) | Monday Oct 10 2011

"Thank you for the swift courteous service. I am not a gardener yet and the fact that you have enclosed the seed starter soil packets makes me know that I have a better than average chance at getting things to grow. Your containers have a release valve on them and that lets me know the seeds are more airtight. I am glad I ordered from you."
-Susan E. (Hoffman Est., IL) | Tuesday Oct 04 2011

"Thank you so very much for the seeds, they are wonderful!!!!"
-Tamara K. (Hendersonville, NC) | Sunday Oct 02 2011

"I ordered the MEGA Survival kit and the variety of seeds and amount of seeds for the money was awesome. The storage container is great and I look forward to planting in the spring!"
-Kathryn J. (Philadelphia, PA) | Saturday Oct 01 2011

"Hi, I just received my ordered seeds and am delighted. Although there doesn't look like many seeds once I started analyzing the packets, I realized that there were indeed many, many seeds. The airtight container is great. And, your service was super quick. I appreciate the free seed starters!"
-Jim V. (Colorado Springs, CO) | Tuesday Sept 27 2011

"Seeds arrived earlier than expected.  I like the airtight container.  Everything was delivered as promised."
-Jim V. (Colorado Springs, CO) | Tuesday Sept 27 2011

"Dear SeedsNow,  Thank you for shipping my order out so quickly. I think I received my order 2 days after I ordered them!  I was also pleasantly surprised to see that you have upgraded the storage containers to have a vacuum seal.  I've yet to plant any seeds because I mainly bought them for future & emergency use.  So in the future I will let you know how they turn out.  Thanks again!   ;-)."
-Liza A. (Hulett, WY) | Friday Sept 23 2011

"Just received my seed order.  It is too late in the season to plant (we live at 4200 feet) so will have to wait till spring to test my seeds.  However I have faith that they will be as advertised."
-Sheila S. (Hulett, WY) | Tuesday Sept 20 2011

"Got my fall planting seeds two days after I ordered them! I have planted them in the seed starter kits you provided and am now waiting for them to grow. Very excited to get my veggie garden growing with your seeds!"
-Priscilla B. (San Francisco, CA) | Tuesday Sept 20 2011

"Hello Seeds Now. Thank You sooooo much on the extremely fast delivery, and high quality seeds I ordered. I was very impressed with the vacuum sealed container the seeds came in. And thank you so much for creating the CD reference guide on how to grow seeds and when to plant.. I am not an experienced gardener, so if I were to look for that information on the web myself, it would take me hours to find all that you have provided for us.. I would defiantly have to say you guys a doing a great job!! The variety of seeds I received, for the price I paid is UNBEATABLE.  Keep up the good work!"
-Andy C. (Henderson, NV) | Wednesday Sept 07 2011

"I recently ordered both the Mega Survival Kit and the Medicinal Herb Kit.  I received the herbs, but not the other kit.  I emailed Seeds Now and shortly got a phone call and was told another kit would be shipped.  I am quite certain that it was probably the fault of the U.S.P.O, but that didn't matter to the customer service at Seeds Now. I am telling everyone I know that seeds are better than money in the bank and to order from You. Thank You!!"
-Nancy G. (Amherst, VA) | Saturday Sept 03 2011

"The order was received today, the 22nd. Perfect condition, UNBELIEVABLE. THREE DAYS!!!!"
-Audie T. (Cross Plains, TX) | Monday Aug 22 2011

"Hi, I recieved my seeds the other day and I want to thank you for the prompt and excellent service. I recieved them super fast and will start planting them this weekend. I just love the packaging because I like to make two or three plantings during the year and this makes retaining the seeds so much better.  I will be buying from you again in the future and will tell all my friends to buy from you as well . Take care and keep growing those seeds!"
-Dave B. (Ellerslie, GA) | Thursday Aug 18 2011

"Toward all of you that work at Seeds NOW, a most deserved thank you for the wonderful seeds. As well, for the meaning behind them. Thank you!"
β€” Daniel J. (Brandon, MS) | Wednesday Aug 17 2011

"I am really excited about these seeds. The packaging is really neat! I had to open it to see in there and it's great how everything is labeled so neatly! I'm recommending them to my friends and family! Fast shipping too and it's the best deal I found online! Thank you SeedsNow."
β€” Fawn B. (Traverse City, MI) | Sunday August 14 2011

"SeedsNow, thank you very much for the medicinal and fall/winter seeds.  This is my third order from your company and I have to say that the experience has been nothing but OUTSTANDING. I'm telling my family and friends about the importance of investing in seeds---some believe that seeds can be as valuable as gold or silver during an economic crisis --- I am one of the believers.  Thank you!"
β€” Brian J. (Seattle, WA) | Thursday Aug 04 2011

"We were recommended to SeedsNow by a friend of ours.  We are very pleased.  I receved my order very quickly.   Great seed selection. I love the Heavy-duty seed storage container with Vacuum Seal.  What a great item, absolutely excellent! I have already recommended SeedsNow to my sister and I look forward to ordering the Herbs and the Fall Selections."
β€” Diane K. (Egg Harbor Twp, NJ) | Monday August 01 2011

"I ordered seeds from your company, because I just don't trust the government and I want to be self sufficient if the time comes. I love the black air tight seal container they came in!"
β€” Stephanie C. (Burlington, NJ) | Saturday July 23 2011

"I searched the internet for the best buy concerning non hybrid seeds. This is the best on the web! You get more seeds, better packaging and other bonuses you'll see on the website. They were polite on the phone and made sure to answer all my questions that I had. SeedsNow provides fifty varieties of non hybrid seeds for the price that others will only sell twenty five to thirty seed varieties. I would highly recommend SeedsNow.com to my friends and family."
β€” Todd C. (Newburgh, IN) | Sunday July 17 2011

"We love our purchase. One of the best purchases we ever made. Through it we can feed our family in the hard times."
β€” Arthur P. (Yorktown, VA) | Friday July 08 2011

"Just received my seed kit and everything looks great! Thanks for getting them to me so quickly! Your company is great. Keep up the good work you do."
β€” Lisa P. (Los Angeles, CA) | Friday July 01 2011

"I love the fact that you recieve your seeds in a container that has a air lock. have planted some seeds for a late harvest, and so far things are going good. Love the variety so we will never get bored with vegetables"
β€” Keith W. (Spring Hill, FL) | Wednesday June 15 2011

"Great variety of seeds in a great container for long term storage, GREAT VALUE!"
β€” Tim W. (Pylesville, MD) | Sunday June 12 2011

"First time ordering from Seeds Now. My order was sent out the same day I made my order and the seeds got to me 2 days later. Very fast, very easy!! We will do business again!! Thank you!"
β€” Leon F. (Haughton, LA) | Friday June 10 201

"I received my order very fast. The free plant encyclopedia is great. I will mostly like order from SeedsNow again."
β€” Greg O. (Crystal, MN) | Saturday May 21 2011

"Products just came in. All items are accounted for. Can't wait to start! :) "
β€” Grace G. (Lawton, OK) | Friday May 20 2011

"Very fast service! Love that and hoping to use them soon!"
β€” Kyle W. (Lake in the Hills, IL) | Friday May 20 2011

Fantastic product. It comes in a very compact/convenient storage container. It was shipped in a timely manner. My only complaint is that we received an extra packet of Arugula but no Broccoli. It would be nice to get this packet if possible."
β€” Stephen P. (Ashburn, VA) | Thursday May 19 2011

"I just got my order. Shipping was quick and accurate. The product looks good and the container is a very nice added bonus to have the ability to keep everything in one location safe and secure. Look forward to getting some of the seeds in the ground to run a test to see how the plants grow and produce. Also want to practice saving my own grown seeds from the plants for the future."
β€” Scott C. (Chandler, IN) | Wednesday May 18 2011

"Product arrived as described; very satisfied. Great storage capsule - NEATO! I can't tell you if they yield or not, not planting them til next year, but the quality looks great."
β€” Jackie A. (Chippewa Falls, WI) | Monday May 16 2011

"This was packaged properly and a farmer reviewed them and I had highly recommended this to the York Garden Club in York, Pennsylvania. SUPERB!"
β€” Diane B. (Red Lion, PA) | Saturday May 14 2011

Thanks for the "awesome" service! I am really pleased with your package of seeds, the information on the packets, and your long term storage container. Thanks for the added free stuff! Your help on the phone was great! Keep up the great work!"
β€” Teresa S. (Zanesfield , Ohio) | Thursday April 21 2011

"This was packaged properly and a farmer reviewed them and I had highly recommended this to the York Garden Club in York, Pennsylvania. SUPERB!"
β€” Diane B. (Red Lion, PA) | Saturday May 14 2011

"Thanks for the "awesome" service! I am really pleased with your package of seeds, the information on the packets, and your long term storage container. Thanks for the added free stuff! Your help on the phone was great! Keep up the great work!"
β€” Teresa S. (Zanesfield , Ohio) | Thursday April 21 2011

"LOVE IT! I was really surprised to have my seed bank show up so quickly! Started quite a few of the seeds (March 20th, 2011) right away since I am located in Oklahoma. (We have a very hot summer season...bad for Broccoli, etc.) ALL OF THE SEEDS GERMINATED! Not too often can you find "tested", honest supplies like these! Hopefully, with a little love from the sun, my children will have healthy, safe, food that will reproduce over and over! Going to order more soon for emergency back up! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!"
β€” Shelly M. (Perry, OK) | Sunday April 03 2011

"I am SO impressed and very glad I chose your company to get my seeds to grow a garden this summer, anticipating the rise of food. This company was the best deal I could find for the buck. As I researched many places to get seeds for this summer, I feel that I received the best value for the money. I would highly recommend you to anyone, not only because you have an excellent product, but when I put the incorrect address down for delivery and didnt receive my order, by no one's fault but my own, you were very attentive in helping me find them! Thank you :)"
β€” Deborah R. (Schenectady, NY) | Friday April 01 2011

"Talk about great customer service! You guys are great. Thank you for getting the seeds to me so quick. Will be back next year."
β€” Carl M. (Texas) | Tuesday March 22 2011

"Great job at putting together the seeds, and the storage container, great variety, and packaging. Absolutly worth the price, I will surely tell my friends and family, thanks again!"
β€” Barry M. (Mohnton, PA) | Friday February 25 2011

"Hi there! I got my seed kit last week- I'm really excited about it and have already started planning."
β€” Emily W. (Bixby, OK) | Wednesday February 16 2011

"Hi Chris, I got my seeds!! Thanks for going to so much trouble for me. I love the e-book! Best of luck."
β€” Donna A. (Van Nuys, CA) | Wednesday January 26 2011

"I was really impressed with what we received. I can't wait to get our garden going this summer. Thanks for your quick reply and keep up your good work!"
β€” David F. (Crystal Lake, IL) | Tuesday January 18 2011

"Hi-I recently placed my order for the survival garden seed bank through your website. I received it yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that I randomly found you online searching for non-hybrid /non GMO seeds. Although I haven't (obviously) grown anything yet, I am completely impressed with what you have put together and the speed at which it was and shipped. Opening the seed bank was complete happiness! I am very excited to start planting my garden! Many thanks"
β€” Dez M. (Somerville, MA) | Tuesday January 04 2011

"I recently purchased your seed package and I have to say, I feel much better having it. It was every thing I hoped it would be and even more."
β€” Vick M. (Oregon) | Thursday December 23 2010

"I recieved my new emergency seed bank the other day, THANK YOU!"
β€” Laura P. (N. Dakota) | Thursday December 09 2010

"I cant wait to plant them this coming spring!"
β€” Trevor S. (California) | Tuesday November 02 2010

"Cant wait to enjoy these seeds-thanks!"
β€” John H. (Texas) | Wednesday October 27 2010

"Thanks so much.. The Order Was Perfect ..5 Stars All The Way"
β€” Joe R. (Florida) | Sunday October 17 2010


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All-in-One Tower Garden Variety Pack
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All-in-One Rainbow Garden Variety Pack
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How to Grow a Giant Pumpkin from Seed

If you’re planning on growing a GIANTΒ pumpkin, keep in mind that you may need anywhere from 400 sq. ft. all the way upΒ to 1200 sq. feet for just ON...
38 Edible Flowers To Plant In Your Garden

38 Edible Flowers To Plant In Your Garden

Nothing will impress your friends and family like sprinkling some colorful flowers into a salad, onto pastries or even as a garnish in their favorite drinks. Edible flowers will add a beautiful splash of color to many dishes and they are readily available, when you're growing them right in your own garden.
15 Herbs You Can Grow at Home To Make Your Own Tea

15 Herbs You Can Grow at Home To Make Your Own Tea

These 15 herbsΒ will make a wonderfulΒ addition to your collection ofΒ "tea making supplies"! Β Start curing your ailments naturally by growing your own herbal remedies. You can use them individually or mix and match to create unique tones and flavors that are suitable to your own liking.Β 
Your Guide to Gardening Through all 4 Seasons

Your Guide to Gardening Through all 4 Seasons

As the weather becomes consistently cold (in late October and early November, in the upper Midwest), you can work at preparing your garden for winter. There are several aspects to winter preparation.
How to Deal with Squash Bugs

How to Deal with Squash Bugs

Squash bugs can destroy crops and are quite the nuisance. Check your squash plants daily for signs of squash bugs and theirΒ eggs. Β  What to look...
How to Save πŸ… Tomato Seeds

How to Save πŸ… Tomato Seeds

There are several ways that you can save your heirloom tomato seeds, but here are two of the most popular techniques.Β  Fermentation Method: Choos...
How To Tell When πŸ† Eggplant Is Ripe

How To Tell When πŸ† Eggplant Is Ripe

EggplantΒ is a versatile fruit often used in Italian dishes such as ratatouille, caponata, and lasagna. Eggplant easily absorbs the flavors of wh...
Start these NOW for a fall garden!

Start these NOW for a fall garden!

Summer will soon be over but having a thriving vegetable garden doesn't have to end when summer does.Β With a little bit of planning, and p...