Rainbow Garden Variety Pack

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All-in-One Rainbow Garden Variety Pack includes an assortment of our 15 most unique and brightest-colored varieties we offer. Grow all the colors of the rainbow in your garden.  Make your garden stick out this year.  Seed are all individually packaged.  Packaged with zip-lock Mylar bag system for long-term storage and maximum seed protection. 

  • Seeds are stored in a heavy duty Mylar 2.2 mil Mylar bag.
  • Metallized 2.2 mil poly provides two layers of protection from moisture and light.
  • Zipper-top closure and bottom fold.
  • Resealable.

Includes all of the following 15 varieties:


1. Beet - Chioggia (Appx. 20 seeds)


  • Chioggia beets have red & white rings.

  • Perfect for juicing, boiling, pickling, baking, and/or freezing.

  • Leaves can also be used as greens.

  • Grows well in containers and compact locations.

2. Broccoli - Early Purple (Appx. 20 seeds)

  • The Early Purple Broccoli Plant produces extremely flavorful heads of broccoli that are bright purple.
  • Ideal for garnishes or used fresh in salads and other gourmet culinary creations
  • Once the main head is removed this variety will continuously produce many offshoots during the season

3. Cabbage - Acre, Red (Appx. 60 seeds)

  • A very popular red variety eaten raw or fully cooked. Used in coleslaw. 

  • Heads produce deep red, globe shapes and measure up to 6 to 7 inches in diameter.

  • A colorful addition to a garden landscape.

4. Pepper - Chocolate Bell (Appx. 10 seeds)

  • Plant produces good yields of beautiful rich chocolate-brown sweet bell pepper.    Excellent for salads, stuffing, or cooking.   Very easy to grow.  Grows well in containers and tight spaces.  A must for the gourmet home gardeners. 

5. Eggplant - Turkish (Appx. 10 seeds)

  • Plant produces good yields of tennis ball size bright orange eggplants.

  • Extremely flavorful.

6. Kale - Red Russian (Appx. 50 seeds)


  • Stems are purple with deep gray-green leaves. 
  • The plants mature medium-tall and leaves are tender compared to other kale varieties.
  • Ideal for salads and light cooking.


7. Lettuce - Lollo Rossa (Appx. 150 seeds)

  • Beautiful red lettuce leaves.

  • Curly leaves with really nice texture and color.

  • Extremely popular amongst gourmet chefs and restaurants.

  • Easy to grow and does not  require a lot of space.

8. Onion - Crimson Forest (Bunching) (Appx. 110 seeds)


  • Crimson Forest is a rare heirloom bunching onion variety. 
  • Dark red, burgundy, and purple colored bunches.
  • Excellent for many culinary creations.

      - Grows well in containers and small spaces.

 9. Pepper - Cayenne, Purple (Appx. 10 seeds)

  • These cayenne pepper seeds will produce a plant with excellent yields of of 2 ¾" long by ½" wide hot purple peppers. 

  • They are very hot but have excellent flavor. Great for culinary creations.

  • Grows well in containers and smaller spaces.

  • Turns from green -> to purple as they continue to mature.

10. Pepper - Nu Mex Twilight (Appx. 15 seeds)

  • The Nu Mex Twilight peppers are small but very very hot!  Handle with care. 

  • The plant will produce an enormous amount of  ½" wide hot peppers.

  • They grow in clusters on a beautiful compact plant that can be grown in containers. 

  •  Pepper colors range from yellow, purple, orange, and red.


11. Radish - Easter Egg (Appx. 120 seeds)

  • The Easter Egg Radish is just as the name suggests ... a mix of flavorful multi-colored radishes.

  • Radishes are red, pink, purple, violet, and white.

  • Excellent in salads

  • Extremely easy to grow

  • Grows well in small spaces

12. Radish - Watermelon (Appx. 120 seeds)

  • Unique and rare heirloom radish variety.  Looks amazing!

  • Very large white radish with pink/red flesh giving the appearance of watermelon.

  • Excellent for gourmet culinary dishes.

  • Produces large tops for easy picking.

13. Squash - Scallop, Golden Bush (Appx. 10 seeds)

  • One of the most popular and rare heirloom Squash varieties.

  • Grows as a compact bush size plant (not as a vine)

  • Produces 4-5" golden-yellow fruits

  • Grow well in small spaces

  • These plants grow continuously over a long season

 14. Swiss Chard - HOT PINK / MAGENTA (Appx. 25 seeds)

  • The Hot Pink Swiss Chard produces excellent yields of dark green shiny leaves with magenta/hot pink stalks and veins.   - Excellent for salads, juicing, and/or steamed with others greens.  - Extremely healthy.  - Easy to grow. Day to Maturity | 65 days

15. Tomato - Heritage Rainbow Mix (Appx. 10 seeds)

  • The Heritage Rainbow Mix produces good yields of great tasting beefsteak heirloom tomatoes. Includes a mix of heirloom tomato varieties in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

    - Extremely popular.

    - Chosen for their wide range of bright rainbow-like colors.

    - Flavors range from mild to sweet to tangy.

    - All-time favorite.

Rainbow Garden Variety Pack



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