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Mustard - Tendergreen

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Page 98ca2945 33b8 4f95 be2e 3a924b3353e8 grandeMustard, Tendergreen (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • A traditional Southern favorite.

    - Plant produces good yields of green mustard leaves.

    - Excellent flavor

    - Makes a great garnish to any dish

    - Easy to grow

  • Day to Maturity | 35 days

  • Mustard Seeds | When growing from seed, start them outdoors 3 weeks before the last frost. Plant seeds a 1/2" deep, and thin to 3 inches. 

    Click here for complete Mustard grow guide

Additional Details

Mustard is high in Vitamin A, B, and C. Mustard greens are very popular in the southern U.S. where they are generally slow-cooked with ham hocks or other smoked-pork products. Asian cuisines generally use mustard greens pickled or stir-fried.


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