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Catnip, Herb (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • Nepeta cataria. Perennial.

    Classic aromatic scent that is proven to attract cats. They absolutely love to roll around in it.

    Plant produces flavorful leaves.

    Can be used in many culinary dishes and teas.

    Said to have medicinal properties to relieve cold and flu symptoms.

    Catnip is also a VERY effective mosquito repellent.

    According to, nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip that gives the plant its characteristic odor, is about ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET — the compound used in most commercial insect repellents.

    Simply grow catnip near the backyard or patio of your house.

  • Day to Maturity | 85 days

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