Plant these seeds in July & August!
Summer has just begun but will soon be over!  Regardless of where you live, there are a few crops you can count on to withstand cooler temps, frost, and even sometimes snow.  

Having a thriving vegetable garden doesn't have to end when summer does. With a little bit of planning, and preparation you can grow vegetables well into the winter months or even year round if you live in a warmer climate down south.  

Vegetables you can plant now will only become sweeter and more delicious if they go through a frost!

When a frost comes into contact with a lot of these cool-season vegetables, they naturally react to the cold and produce extra sugars which can make some of the more bitter tasting vegetables taste rather sweet. 

Prepare NOW to have the garden you've always wanted during Fall/Winter! With these crops, put the fear of your plants being damaged or destroyed aside. When Winter weather rolls around, these vegetables will grow well & actually THRIVE!
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Most Popular Seeds to Plant for a Fall/Winter Harvest:

arugula seeds

Beans (Bush): bean seeds

Beets: beet seeds

Mustard Greens: mustard seeds

Broccoli: broccoli seeds

Cabbage: cabbage seeds

Cauliflower: cauliflower seeds

Chard: chard seeds

Chicory: chicory seeds

Cilantro: cilantro seeds

Collards: collard seeds

Radish: radish seeds

Dill: dill seeds

Kale: kale seeds

Lettuce: lettuce seeds

Peas: pea seeds

Scallions & Bunching Onions: scallion seeds

Spinach: spinach seeds

Turnip: turnip seeds 
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