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Organic Veggies Grow Kit

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Organic Veggies Grow Kit

Organic Vegetable Garden Grow Kit

Includes the following 8 seed varieties:
  • Rouge d'hiver lettuce
  • French breakfast radish
  • Chantenay carrot
  • Marmande tomato
  • Bunching onion
  • Mammoth melting snow pea
  • Edible flower nasturtium
  • Haricot vert maxibel bean
A classic collection of organic culinary vegetables to grow in containers or garden space. Chosen for their ease in growing as well as their culinary versatility and ornamental value.

Grow in combination with the Culinary Herb Grow Kit.

The perfect start to growing and cultivating a classic, French-style potager garden to bring fresh vegetables to your landscape and to your table. 


- Stainless Steel Case (5.25" x 7.5")
- 8 varieties of organic seeds (rouge d'hiver lettuce, french breakfast radish, chantenay carrot, marmande tomato, bunching onion, mammoth melting snow pea, edible flower nasturtium, and haricot vert maxibel bean)
- Garden stakes
- Pencil
- Step-by-step directions

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Organic Veggies Grow Kit


Organic Veggies Grow Kit Organic Veggies Grow Kit Organic Veggies Grow Kit

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