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Dog Grass-in-a-Bag

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Organic Dog Grass (Barley Grass, Hordeum vulgare)

  • Dogs love grass. They roll and play on it, and like to eat it too. 

  • Barley grass is good for dogs, providing essential vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in Chlorophyll which acts as a natural detoxifier, mild antibiotic and deodorizer. 

  • An easy to grow treat for pet health and vitality. 

  • Includes: organic seed, growing medium, coconut husks for drainage, directions. Bag 7" high x 6" wide.

How to grow:

Pure NON-Genetically Modified seeds  
100% NON-Hybridized seeds  
100% Heirloom/Open-Pollinated seeds  
100% Raw & Un-treated seeds  
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Dog Grass-in-a-Bag


Dog Grass-in-a-Bag


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