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Onion (Sets) - Wethersfield, Red

Size: Sampler Pack (appx 3 sets) - $0.99
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Quick Overview

Large globe with very thin, reddish-purple colored skin.
The white flesh is very firm and tinged with pink or purple highlights.
Fine strong flavor, vigorous.

How to Plant Bulb Onions

Onion bulbs are quite hardy and can withstand 20° F frost. They should be set out 4-6 weeks prior to the last expected frost. When your plants arrive they should appear to be quite dry. DO NOT WET THEM NOR STICK THEIR ROOTS IN WATER. Unpack them and store them in a cool, dry place until it is time to plant. They should last about 3 weeks kept this way. Do not worry that your plants seem dry. They will "shoot" new roots and new, green tops as soon as they are planted. Be sure to specify on your order when you want your plants to arrive.

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