Cover Crop - Buckwheat

$199 USD

Quick Overview

• Annual
• Good for breaking up soil!
• Planting rate: 1 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft.


Especially valuable for its release of phosphorus, buckwheat also contributes a significant amount of organic matter. Very competitive with weeds, good for breaking up the soil. Can grow two crops in the north.

Bees love Buckwheat!  Good bugs love buckwheat!
Seed when ground is well warmed and after last spring frost; it has no frost tolerance. When June planted, in 35 days it is waist high, in bloom and ready to plow under. Good to follow with a fall crops of rye and Austrian winter pea. Just rake in some seed after harvesting an annual crop and buckwheat will keep out the weeds and look great doing it. Green Lacewing adults will feast on the nectar then deposit their "aphid lion" eggs on nearby garden crops. 

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