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Top 15 Wall Gardens from Around the World

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#15 [Indoor Oasis] 

A leafy wall garden and some rustic looking panels make this restaurant feel like it's both an indoor and outdoor space at once.

 #14 [Parisian Cool] 

This wall garden in Paris fills every space, making the windows eyes of a leafy giant.

#13 [Climbing Design] 

The lobby of this building features a floor to ceiling wall garden that features a climbing pattern.

#12 [Eco-Chic] 

The indoor wall garden here frames a serene lobby, creating a shaggy urban oasis.

#11 [Garden Art] 

A beautiful wall garden as hanging art inside a home like this one.

#10 [Magical Garden] 

This indoor wall garden is fit for a princess with its hints of pink and purple.

#9 [Line The Fences] 

The walls of this park are filled with flora in a spiraling pattern.

#8 [Indoor Jungle] 

Leafy plants accent this indoor wall garden, creating the perfect backdrop for a cocktail party.

#7 [Lit Up] 

Strategically placed lighting in this building's lobby accentuates the magical atmosphere a wall garden can create indoors.

#6 [Cafe Flora] 

This intimate looking cafe is made cozier with overgrowing plants in its walls.

#5 [Here & There] 

Leafy plants dot the exterior of a building, accentuating the mod look with a bit of nature.


#4 [Outdoor Dining] 

A low vertical wall garden makes this outdoor dining area in the center of a building complex feel like a peaceful spot in the busy atmosphere of an office space.

#3 [Column Garden] 

This gallery space features a wall garden that not only fills the walls, but also all four sides of a column.

#2 [Almost Unreal] 

Wall gardens indoors play with the senses -- and this one makes one feel like you're in a rainforest.

#1 [Close Up] 

A close up shot of a wall garden shows the variety of plants that grow in this garden.

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