How would you quickly describe yourself?

Self-Sufficient, Organic Gardener, DIYer, Homesteader, Chicken Lover, Science Lover & more! We love the outdoors and enjoy crabbing and fishing in the Pacific Northwest!

How was it that you were inspired to become a homesteader?

I was inspired by other gardeners and homesteaders on YouTube, so I started my own channel and facebook page to share my experiences and knowledge with others.



Have you always been growing your own food? Did you know much about this lifestyle before getting started?

I lived in the Philippines when I was a young and we had fruit trees where we lived, such as mangoes, guavas, bananas and coconuts. We enjoyed eating fresh picked fruits. When we moved to the United States, my mother started a small vegetable garden. We also had blackberry bushes that grew wildly, every summer we would pick the berries and sometimes our mother made blackberry jam.  In the summers, we also picked blueberries to earn money for school, we were paid by the flat. These experiences and memories inspired me to garden organically, especially during these times, of how conventional food is mass produced. I also wanted to instill these lessons to my own children so they can pass it on for generations.


Did you start your blog when you started your transition to live this lifestyle?

 Yes, my blog/YouTube channel was started around the same time we transitioned to a healthier life style.

What are some of the other things you would like to have other people understand about living a healthier and self-sufficient lifestyle?

We live in such a fast paced life and mass production of food, sometimes we just need to slow down and have a home cooked meal instead of eating out or buying processed and prepared foods. Fresh is always healthier and better for us. Learning to be self-sufficient is also rewarding for you and your family. I think it is also therapeutic to garden and cook, I really enjoy it!


What tips and tricks could you share with other people?

When starting a garden, start out small. It takes planning and maintaining. One year, I planted  too many seeds and bought more plants than I had time to care for. I ended up giving many away, which I didn't mind so much since I was able to help others start their own gardens! You can always add to your garden in the upcoming seasons.


Have you ever made mistakes or failed doing something?

Yes, many mistakes have been made! Gardening is a learning experience, there's always something new! I'm still learning about companion planting and being careful not to grow certain types of plants near each other such as garlic and peas! The garlic retards the peas and it did not produce for us one year. In companion planting,you want to make sure to grow plants that compliment or benefit one another such as tomatoes and Marigolds. The Marigolds help deter tomato horn worms and other garden pests. You can pretty much plant Marigolds throughout your garden!


How did you overcome any obstacles?

With support from family and friends, I overcame obstacles by staying motivated and learning from them as well.

Have you ever dealt with a person who disregards your lifestyle?

Fortunately, I have not dealt with anyone who disregards our life style. People actually want to learn and seek my help , which makes me feel good and am more than happy to teach them!


What are some of your greatest rewards with a lifestyle such as the one you live?

One of the greatest rewards living this life style is that I am able to share and teach my children first hand. We are also healthy over all and get to share what we grow with family and friends. It is also rewarding being able to teach others to grow their own food.



What are some of your most favorite things to plant in your garden?

My favorite thing to grow are herbs, tomatoes and potatoes! I love harvesting and drying herbs, it saves us a lot of money and they're organic! They also make nice gifts!



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