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33 Varieties That Grow Well In a Vertical Tower Garden

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image source: "Kona Greens in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Tower Garden"

If you're short of growing space, or perhaps live in an apartment or may have wondered what sort of fruit or vegetables can be grown using a vertical grow system or tower garden.  There are many products on the market, each unique.  What can be grown successfully in these types of vertical growing systems are usually all the same however, regardless of what system you choose.
Using a tower garden, or vertical grow system allows you to grow food with no weeds, no soil, less disease and there is less headache when dealing with pests.  It's almost effortless compared to traditional gardening methods. They also use less water, which is great for the earth...and these systems can produce up to 30% or more in yield than growing in soil.  Despite what most people believe...YES, you can still practice organic gardening methods when growing hydroponically! Read more---> "6 Reasons Why You May Want to Switch to Hydroponics"

The varieties listed below not only do very well when grown hydroponically, but are suited for growing vertically.

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